Recent Publications

An incomplete list of publications by members of the Kadanoff Center:

Bruno Balthazar, Victor A. Rodriguez, Xi Yin, The S-Matrix of 2D Type 0B String Theory Part 1: Perturbation Theory Revisited, arXiv:2201.05621.

Emil J. Martinec, A Defect in AdS3/CFT2 Duality, arXiv:2201.04218.

Tristan Martin, Ivar Martin, Kartiek Agarwal, Effect of quasiperiodic and random noise on many-body dynamical decoupling protocols, arXiv:2201.01773.

 Aashish A. Clerk, Introduction to quantum non-reciprocal interactions: from non-Hermitian Hamiltonians to quantum master equations and quantum feedforward schemes, arXiv:2201.00894.

Etienne Granet, Regularization of a strong-weak duality between pointlike interactions in one dimension, arXiv:2112.14684.

Subham Dutta Chowdhury, Kausik Ghosh, Parthiv Haldar, Prashanth Raman, Aninda Sinha, Crossing Symmetric Spinning S-matrix Bootstrap: EFT bounds, arXiv:2112.11755.

Anthony Ashmore, Lucille Calmon, Yang-Hui He, Burt A. Ovrut, Calabi-Yau Metrics, Energy Functionals and Machine-Learning, arXiv:2112.10872.

Daine L. Danielson, Gautam Satishchandran, Robert M. Wald, Gravitationally Mediated Entanglement: Newtonian Field vs. Gravitons, arXiv:2112.10798.

Anthony Ashmore, Michela Petrini, Edward Tasker, Daniel Waldram, Exactly Marginal Deformations and their Supergravity Duals, arXiv:2112.08375.

Han Zheng, Zimu Li, Junyu Liu, Sergii Strelchuk, Risi Kondor, Speeding up Learning Quantum States through Group Equivariant Convolutional Quantum Ansätze, arXiv:2112.07611.

Dam Thanh Son, Mikhail Stephanov, Ho-Ung Yee, Fate of Multiparticle Resonances: From Q-Balls to 3He Droplets, arXiv:2112.03318.

Shreya Vardhan, Jonah Kudler-Flam, Hassan Shapourian, Hong Liu, Mixed-state entanglement and information recovery in thermalized states and evaporating black holes, arXiv:2112.00020.

Martin Koppenhöfer, Peter Groszkowski, Hoi-Kwan Lau, Aashish A. Clerk, Dissipative superradiant spin amplifier for enhanced quantum sensing, arXiv:2111.15647.

Luca V. Delacrétaz, Blaise Goutéraux, Vaios Ziogas, Damping of Pseudo-Goldstone Fields, arXiv:2111.13459.

Dung Xuan Nguyen, F. D. M. Haldane, E. H. Rezayi, Dam Thanh Son, Kun Yang, Multiple Magnetorotons and Spectral Sum Rules in Fractional Quantum Hall Systems, arXiv:2111.10593.

P. Wiegmann, A. Zabrodin, Dyson gas on a curved contour, arXiv:2111.09941.

Fabian R. Geisenhof, Felix Winterer, Anna M. Seiler, Jakob Lenz, Ivar Martin, R. Thomas Weitz, Interplay between topological protected valley and quantum Hall edge transport, arXiv:2111.05870.

Junyu Liu, Francesco Tacchino, Jennifer R. Glick, Liang Jiang, Antonio Mezzacapo, Representation Learning via Quantum Neural Tangent Kernels, arXiv:2111.04225.

Taro Kimura, Edward A. Mazenc, The Schur Expansion of Characteristic Polynomials and Random Matrices, arXiv:2111.02365.

Nima Afkhami-Jeddi, Conformal Bootstrap Deformations, arXiv:2111.01799.

Yichul Choi, Clay Córdova, Po-Shen Hsin, Ho Tat Lam, Shu-Heng Shao, Non-Invertible Duality Defects in 3+1 Dimensions, arXiv:2111.01139.

Evan Coleman, Edward A. Mazenc, Vasudev Shyam, Eva Silverstein, Ronak M Soni, Gonzalo Torroba, Sungyeon Yang, de Sitter Microstates from TTbar+Λ2 and the Hawking-Page Transition, arXiv:2110.14670.

Yi-Hsien Du, Umang Mehta, Dam Thanh Son, Noncommutative gauge symmetry in the fractional quantum Hall effect, arXiv:2110.13875.

Anthony Ashmore, Rehan Deen, Yang-Hui He, Burt A. Ovrut, Machine Learning Line Bundle Connections, arXiv:2110.12483.

Yuhan Liu, Ramanjit Sohal, Jonah Kudler-Flam, Shinsei Ryu, Multipartitioning topological phases by vertex states and quantum entanglement, arXiv:2110.11980.

A.G. Abanov, P.B. Wiegmann, Axial-Current Anomaly in Euler Fluid, arXiv:2110.11480.

Hyowon Park, Olle Heinonen, Ivar Martin, First-principles study of magnetic states and the anomalous Hall conductivity of MNb3S6 (M=Co, Fe, Mn, and Ni), arXiv:2110.03029.

Shreya Vardhan, Jonah Kudler-Flam, Hassan Shapourian, Hong Liu, Bound entanglement in thermalized states and black hole radiation, arXiv:2110.02959.

Emil J. Martinec, AdS3's with and without BTZ's, arXiv:2109.11716.

Christian Ferko, Gautam Satishchandran, Savdeep Sethi, Gravitational Memory and Compact Extra Dimensions, arXiv:2109.11599.

Sriram Ganeshan, Michael Levin, Ungappable edge theories with finite dimensional Hilbert spaces, arXiv:2109.11539.

T. Daniel Brennan, Callan-Rubakov Effect and Higher Charge Monopoles, arXiv:2109.11207.

John F. R. Duncan, Jeffrey A. Harvey, Brandon C. Rayhaun, An Overview of Penumbral Moonshine, arXiv:2109.09756.

Etienne Granet, Bruno Bertini, Fabian H. L. Essler, Duality between weak and strong interactions in quantum gases, arXiv:2109.08626.

I. Martin, K. A. Matveev, Scar states in a system of interacting chiral fermions, arXiv:2109.06220.

Junyu Liu, Jinzhao Sun, Xiao Yuan, Towards a variational Jordan-Lee-Preskill quantum algorithm, arXiv:2109.05547.

Jonah Kudler-Flam, Vladimir Narovlansky, Shinsei Ryu, Negativity Spectra in Random Tensor Networks and Holography, arXiv:2109.02649.

Bruno Balthazar, Amit Giveon, David Kutasov, Emil J. Martinec, Asymptotically Free AdS3/CFT2, arXiv:2109.00065.

Daine L. Danielson, Gautam Satishchandran, Robert M. Wald, Robert J. Weinbaum, Blázquez-Salcedo-Knoll-Radu Wormholes Are Not Solutions to the Einstein-Dirac-Maxwell Equations, arXiv:2108.13361.

Michel Fruchart, Claudia Yao, Vincenzo Vitelli, Systematic generation of Hamiltonian families with dualities, arXiv:2108.11138.

Anthony Ashmore, André Coimbra, Charles Strickland-Constable, Eirik Eik Svanes, David Tennyson, Topological G2 and Spin(7) strings at 1-loop from double complexes, arXiv:2108.09310.

Martin Brandenbourger, Colin Scheibner, Jonas Veenstra, Vincenzo Vitelli, Corentin Coulais, Active impact and locomotion in robotic matter with nonlinear work cycles, arXiv:2108.08837.

Zihni Kaan Baykara, Jeffrey A. Harvey, Conway Subgroup Symmetric Compactifications Redux, arXiv:2108.04386.

Carolyn Zhang, Tobias Holder, Netanel H. Lindner, Mark Rudner, Erez Berg, Realizing anomalous Floquet insulators via Chern band annihilation, arXiv:2108.01708.

Jonah Kudler-Flam, Vladimir Narovlansky, Shinsei Ryu, Distinguishing Random and Black Hole Microstates, arXiv:2108.00011.

Nima Afkhami-Jeddi, Anthony Ashmore, Clay Córdova, Calabi-Yau CFTs and Random Matrices, arXiv:2107.11461.

Matthew F. Lapa, Michael Levin, Stability of ground state degeneracy to long-range interactions, arXiv:2107.11396.

Carolyn Zhang, Michael Levin, Sven Bachmann, Vanishing Hall conductance for commuting Hamiltonians, arXiv:2107.10316.