Non-Fermi Liquids: Recent Developments and Future Prospects Workshop.

Through October 29, 2023 MCP 201

October 27 - 29, 2023

Sponsored by: Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics and James Franck Institute

Organized by:  Luca Delacrétaz, Ilya Esterlis (University of Wisconsin), Dam Thanh Son, Xiaochuan Wu

The problem of non-Fermi liquids (NFL) is a major outstanding problem in condensed matter physics, with experimental consequences for high-Tc superconductivity and fractional quantum Hall systems. The combination of strong correlations and extreme gaplessness of Fermi surfaces make it one of the most challenging problems in theoretical physics as well. We hope to bring together leading theorists working on NFL to synthesize recent developments and identify the most promising tools for future progress.

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Oct 27