Particle Theory Seminar: Matter Asymmetries in Twin Worlds. - Pedro Bittar, University of São Paulo

1:30 pm MCP 201

Matter Asymmetries in Twin Worlds.

Some of the greatest puzzles in particle physics are the origin of baryons and dark matter and the stability of the weak scale. These, in principle uncorrelated ideas, can be explained simultaneously in certain models of particle physics. In this talk, we present a mirror twin Higgs model that naturally produces baryogenesis and asymmetric dark matter while solving the little hierarchy problem. We show how a common origin of the matter asymmetries can arise without explicit breaking of the mirror symmetry. Finally, we discuss the variety of experimental signatures the model provides, ranging from direct detection of dark matter at the $~1\rm GeV$ scale, to displaced vertices at the LHC and its forward physics facilities.

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Oct 18