Hydrodynamics Across the Scales

April 26 - 28, 2019
The University of Chicago - Physics Research Center


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Organized by: Paolo Glorioso, Andrey Gromov, Dam Thanh Son, Vincenzo Vitelli

In recent years hydrodynamics has seen a resurgence of interest both in applications to new problems and in deeper theoretical understanding of the very foundations of the subject. This renewed interest encompasses fields from soft condensed matter to high energy physics.

Hydrodynamics has been used to describe an extremely wide range phenomena:  from the formation of cyclones in the atmosphere to the mechanism of flocking, from the motion of electrons through a (super)conductor to the dynamics of quark-gluon plasma, from black holes to quantum chaos.

The workshop is designed to introduce the participants to the most challenging problems in a variety of fields that use hydrodynamics as a main tool of research. The workshop will bring together experts across the following areas of physics: soft and hard condensed matter, nuclear physics, high energy physics, astrophysics.  The workshop will be hosted by the Enrico Fermi Institute in the new Physics Research Center on campus.University-of-Chicago---PRC_Ext-Elevation-Dusk_Copyright-Christopher-Barrett_web-small2.jpg
(photo © Sarah Mechling. Courtesy Perkins Eastman.)

Alexander Abanov (Stony Brook)
Cheng Chin (UChicago)
William East (Perimeter)
Greg Eyink (Johns Hopkins)
Kin Chung Fong (Raytheon BBN Technologies)
Nigel Goldenfeld (UIUC)
Samuel Gralla (University of Arizona)
William Irvine (UChicago)
Nitin Kumar (UChicago)
Leonid Levitov (MIT)
Hong Liu (MIT)
Brad Marston (Brown)
Sid Nagel (UChicago)
Anton Souslov (University of Bath)
Peter Steinberg (BNL)
Misha Stephanov (UIC)
Derek Teaney (Stony Brook)
Paul Wiegmann (UChicago)

To register to the workshop, please click here. You will find information about accommodations, parking, and the conference location, as well as the program outline, at the linked pages above.