A symposium in honor of Jeff Harvey's 65th birthday

May 13-15, 2022
University of Chicago
Michelson Center for Physics, Room 201

Jeff Harvey

It is our pleasure to announce a celebration in honor of Jeff Harvey’s 65th birthday, to be held the weekend of May 13-15, 2022 (originally scheduled for May 2020, and deferred due to the pandemic).  The event will consist of a scientific symposium that will take place in the Michelson Center for Physics beginning Friday afternoon, and concluding mid-day on Sunday.  There will be a dinner for conference participants and colleagues on the evening of Saturday, May 14.

Major themes of Jeff's work include foundational contributions to string theory, quantum field theory, the quantum theory of black holes, and mathematical physics. Speakers will both review Jeff’s manifold contributions, as well as cover recent advances and future directions in theoretical physics. 

Due to pandemic restrictions, this event is limited to the UChicago community and invited participants.

Event Organizers

Atish Dabholkar
Lance Dixon
Emil Martinec


Pierre Ramond
Nati Seiberg
David Kutasov
Per Kraus
Steve Naculich
Greg Moore
Jerome Gauntlett
Rocky Kolb
Sophia Domokos
Andy Strominger
Ruth Gregory
Joe Minahan
Brandon Rayhaun

Recordings of the talk are linked to from the individual speakers; the complete playlist is available here.

Friday, May 13  

(Session chair: Sav Sethi)
1:30  Pierre Ramond  (slides available here)
2:20  Ruth Gregory  (slides available here)
3:10  Coffee break
3:40  Brandon Rayhaun
4:30  Nati Seiberg
Saturday, May 14

(Session chair: Michael Turner)
9:00  Andy Strominger
10:40  Coffee break
11:20  Per Kraus

12:10-2:00 lunch

(Session chair: Sameer Murthy)
2:00  Greg Moore
2:50  Joe Minahan
3:40  Coffee break
4:20  Sophia Domokos
5:10  Jerome Gauntlett
6:00  reception
6:45  dinner (w/remarks by Paul Ginsparg)
Sunday, May 15

(Session chair: James Liu)
9:00  David Kutasov
9:50  Steve Naculich
10:40  Coffee break
11:10  Rocky Kolb

Symposium Location

University of Chicago
Michelson Center for Physics
933 East 56th Street, Room 201
Chicago IL 60637


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