Informal Particle Theory Seminar - Supersymmetry and quantum integrability: progress report - Nikita Nekrasov, Stony Brook

1:30 pm MCP 201

Supersymmetry and quantum integrability: progress report .

Quantum integrable systems date back to the 1931 Bethe ansatz for the Heisenberg spin chain. Since then the ansatz has been generalized and extended to a vast set of systems, promoted to the spectrum generating algebra, led to the creation of quantum groups, and, more recently, a geometric approach to representation theory, as well as Bethe/gauge correspondence. I will talk about the implications of these developments to the notion of symmetry in quantum field theory. The novel symmetries of quantum field theory are most visible, at the moment, in the realm of supersymmetric gauge theories. I will talk about their realizations using defects of various (co)dimensions. Based on the recent works in collaborations with A.Tsymbaliyuk; S.Jeong, N.Lee; M.Dedushenko. 

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Dec 7