Particle Theory Seminar - Some Exact Results in QCD-like and Chiral Gauge Theories, Hitoshi Murayama, UC Berkeley

4:00 pm VIA ZOOM

Some Exact Results in QCD-like and Chiral Gauge Theories

I present some exact results in QCD-like and chiral gauge theories. They are exact when supersymmetric gauge theories are perturbed by anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking (AMSB). Thanks to the UV-insensitivity of AMSB, SUSY results can be perturbed with no ambiguities even when applied to composite fields. I find two phases for QCD-like theories, one with chiral symmetry breaking and another conformal. To best of my knowledge, this is the first analytic derivation of chiral symmetry breaking in QCD for SU(3) and Nf=2 or 3. Our results for chiral gauge theories do not agree with what had been suggested by tumbling. We suggest alternative schemes of tumbling-like interpretations. We see no evidence that large SUSY breaking leads to phase transitions, perhaps protected by holomorphy. 

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Jun 9